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Dr. Mary Anne Knolle, Ph.D, LMFT, LPC
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Our Mission Statement:  To give you 32 of your personality strengths in your Personality Strengths Assessment (PSA)© so that you can intentionally use them to reach your personal goals and professional goals.

People who structure personality strengths tests have one goal:  To tell you what your personality strengths are. This site gives you case studies of real people and how they use their personality strengths every day. It is important to note that the test results are oriented toward American users. Persons from different cultures view personality strengths and weaknesses differently, and this must be taken into account when you consider the results reported to you by these tests.

We all face challenges on a daily basis that we have to deal with, and knowing ourselves better, understanding our own strengths and weaknesses, can make a difference in how we are able to handle those challenges. Dealing with challenges within relationships only complicates the matter further. Now we not only need to be concerned with our own inclinations and response patterns, but we have to consider the tendencies and preferences that others who are involved also bring to the situation. Sometimes the qualities that others bring into a relationship complement those that we bring, and sometimes they can be in direct conflict with them.

Our approach to helping our clients to accomplish their goals is to clarify the characteristics that participants in the relationship have, and to work with our clients to understand better the role that those qualities might play in their relationships. We offer tools that have been proven to assist many others over the years.

The Articles section of our site is where we give you reference information to help you understand the environment in which this all takes place.  In Our Case Studies section you meet real people.  They have used their PSA©s to accomplish 10 personal goals and 10 professional goals.

Our blog is a supplement to the information provided on the site. It will offer short informational pieces and observations that come to mind as we observe the world around us, and point out interesting and relevant topics for your consideration. Occasionally we might have news bulletins about a new development in our field, or a new offering that we are able to make to our clients.

We hope you will find our efforts helpful and rewarding and we look forward to helping you to accomplish your personal and professional goals.


Dr Mary Anne Knolle, LMFT, LPC





Dr. Mary Anne Knolle