Why Would I Want to Take a Personality Strengths Test?

We all have changes throughout life whether we want them or not. We graduate. Get a job. Have a work change. Meet new people. Date. Select a partner. Have children. Have a relationship change. Have challenges – some you see coming, some you don’t. People enter your life. Leave. It can hurt when people leave. You come to a fork in the road.   What should you do? Who will help you as you figure out what to do?

Some changes you want. Some you don’t want. When you get a change you don’t want it can hurt. Family members can help. Friends can help. Maybe the change affects them, too, Maybe it would help to talk to someone who can be there for you. A safe place to just be you. Get past what hurts. Make a plan to cope. Have someone care for you and support you while you get stronger.

As you get stronger this someone helps you see your personality strengths. And how to use them to get to your best self. Carry out your plans and keep on coping.

Objective tests can show you what your personality strengths are. You see your (1) coping strategies, (2) temperament strengths, and (3) values.  It’s a Personality Strengths Assessment (PSA)© you can take on this website. A PSA© is an MRI of your personality strengths.

People who structure personality strengths tests have one goal: To tell you what your unique personality strengths are.

Dr. Mary Anne Knolle email’s you your PSA© and My PSA Discovery Work©. You can use them with your clergy, therapist, or coach.   If you live in Houston or Galveston, Texas you and Dr. Knolle can work together. Or you can use them by yourself to be your best self. As you reach whatever goal you set.

In the case studies below: See how real people use their PSAs© to overcome the challenges in their changes. Become their best selves and reach the goals they set in their personal and professional lives.

                                                     Personal Goals©

1.  Select a Life Partner©

2.  Plan My Life with My Life Partner©

3.  Strengthen Our Marriage©

4.  Ask, “Do we need a divorce?”©

5.  Get a Litigated, Collaborative, or Cooperative Divorce©

6.  Adjust to Divorce and Co-parenting©

7.  Find a New Life Partner©

8.  Adjust to Being in a Stepfamily©

9.  Plan for Retirement©

10.  Enjoy My Retirement©

Professional Goals©

1.  Select My Career©

2.  Get a Promotion©

3.  Get a College Degree©

4.  Negotiate Job Offers©

5.  Get a Second College Degree©

6.  Get a Job after a Divorce©

7.  Start a Business or Buy a Business©

8.  Do Management Development©

9.  Increase Profits to Sell a Business©

10.  Do Business Succession Planning©

11.  Enjoy Retirement from My Business©

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    How can I use my Personality Strengths Assessment (PSA)©? 

Personality strengths tests tell you what you are good at.  When you know your personality strengths you can apply them to any goal in your personal or professional life.  You learn 32 of your personality strengths.

            How do my personality strengths rank with other Americans? 

These tests tell how high each of your personality strengths is compared with other Americans. For instance: You may be

Higher than 95% in Achievement

Higher than 90% in Dominance

Higher than 85% in Nurturance

Higher than 80% in Ability to Ask for Help

                How do these personality strengths help me in my career?

You compete every day with others for jobs and promotions.  Constant competition can slow us down – but you have a powerful strategy.

You know (from above) , “I am higher than 95% of us in Achievement – I am supposed to reach my goals. And I am higher than 90% in Dominance – people listen to me. Remembering this encourages me. Ok, now I can focus on this difficult assignment. I will just keep working at it until I do get it done!”

And the exercises in My PSA© Discovery Workbook help you discover how to use your personality strengths to reach your goals. You can get ideas about what to do from them, too.

        Can knowing my personality strengths help me in my personal life?

You see HOW you can win.  For instance you also know (from above):  “I am higher than 80% in Ability to Ask for Help so people see that they are important to me.  I ask for their advice, and I get it. Some of their advice is really good. Just hearing it gives me new ideas about what to do. And I take care of people (Nurturance at 85%) so they want to take care of me.”

Now you intentionally apply your personality strengths to create your best personal and professional life.

Understand your personality to change it.

Under Select Life Partner  Click The Pink Tank

When you “Click The Pink Tank” you will meet Marisa and Clark.  You see how The Pink Tank helped then enjoy their relationship even more.

What does this website offer that is unique and can be helpful? 

1.  The Basic PSA© Worksheet (for Individuals).  It helps you answer the question, “What do I want to do with my life?”

2.  The Basic PSA© for Couples.  It helps you as a couple answer the question, “What do we want to do together?”

3. How is this PSA© unique?  The Myers Briggs, for example, combines a number of individual personality strengths into a cluster of similar strengths – then gives this cluster of strengths a title.   Here you learn your exact rank (like 95%ile in Achievement) for EACH personality strength.

4.  My PSA Discovery Workbook© exercises suggest how you that you can use your personality strengths every day. You get the Workbook as a Word document. You make a copy – then when you get an inspiration you can write it down in your Workbook copy and act on it right away.

5.  The 21 case studies on the Home Page.   You see that HOW someone at the 90%ile in Achievement and Dominance wins is quite different from how someone at the 90%ile in both Nurturance and Change wins. Both win – but they plan how they will win in different ways.

REMEMBER:  Your success is always up to you to create.  But now you know how strong 32 of your personality strengths are compared to other Americans.  Now you can decide how to use each strength to meet your goals. If you work with clergy, a counselor or a coach:   S/he gets a powerful tool to help you plan your success.

Can knowing my personality strengths help me in a relationship?

Of course.   Your Personality Strengths Assessment (PSA)©.tells you more about who YOU are – and what you need.   When you select a partner, your partner can get a PSA©, too.  Then you see how to use both of your personality strengths to create your best life together.  Here’s what you do:

1.  You and your partner both get your PSAs©.

2.  See how to use your PSAs© together to have your best relationship.

3.  A personality strength used too much (or too little) can hurt a relationship.  That same personality strength used the right amount can help to give you your best relationship.  Your PSA Discovery Workbook© gives you information to help you and your partner understand more about how to use each of your personality strengths to have your best relationship.

Your PSA© is Your Personality Kaleidoscope.  Each time you turn your kaleidoscope you see how you use your personality strengths with different people in your life.  One view at a time.  We know that we act different with different people.   At home.  At work.  With our parents.  With our friends.  With our life partner.  With our children.  With our grandchildren.  We show different parts of our personality in different ways at different times.

Can my spouse and I use our PSAs© to have our best marriage?  Or to get our best divorce?

Of course.  You use your PSAs© to strategize ways that you can have your best marriage.  Then if you find that you simply cannot (1) stay married and (2) be who you are, too, you can use your PSAs© as you structure a litigated, collaborative or cooperative divorce and co-parenting.  You can learn about a litigated, collaborative and cooperative divorce on this website.

Can my personality strengths help me make a career change?  And a personal change? 

Absolutely.  Change is one great constant in life.  You might see a change coming.   Or you take the initiative to make a change happen.  As you face a change:  You can intentionally apply your personality strengths to get your best results.

What is My Personality Strengths Assessment (PSA)©? 

Your Personality Strengths Assessment (PSA)© tells your personality strengths.  It is where you rank with Americans in longstanding, traditional U. S. (1) coping strategies, (2) temperament strengths, and (3) values.

You can take 1, 2 or all 3 of these objective personality strengths tests.

Blue = Coping Strategies                           Green = Temperament Strengths                           Red = Values

Edwards Personal Preference Schedule       Guilford-Zimmerman Temperament Survey                  Study of Values

Many groups have used these tests – often together – over time.  To see what people and groups have used these objective personality strengths tests over time go to www.google.com and google all 3 of these tests together.

Who Gives Me My Personality Strengths Assessment (PSA)©?

Dr. Mary Anne Knolle.  She is a licensed marriage and family therapist and professional counselor with a masters in communication and a masters and Ph.D. in psychology.  She comes to psychology from management consulting. To get your PSA© online and sign up for one hour of consultation from this website is not to get counseling, do therapy, or get coaching.  Your PSA© tells you where you excel. You think about your successes.  Then you plan how to accomplish your professional and personal goals.  Dr. Knolle has helped the people you meet in the case studies plan their successes.  You decide whether or not you plan your success by yourself or select someone to work with you.

To learn my personality strengths and intentionally apply them to accomplish my personal and professional goals sounds like Life Coaching or Personal Coaching.  Is it? 

Life Coaching or Personal Coaching is part of what you get.  Dr. Knolle  did management consulting with a graduate degree in communication and then got graduate degrees in psychology as she raised four children in a stepfamily and balanced working, too. 

Knowing my personality strengths sounds like Executive Coaching.  Is it?

 Can knowing my personality strengths help me run the company better?

Yes.  And yes.  To learn your personality strengths is to get some Executive Coaching.  It helps you to ask, “How can I use my personality strengths to run the company,  profit center, or division even better?”  A company,  profit center, or division needs to run in a manner that is compatible with the CEO’s, President’s, or Vice President’s personality.  The CEO, President, or Vice President gets a Personality Strengths Assessment (PSA)© first.  Each management team member gets a PSA© later.

How do I use my PSA© to help me accomplish my personal and professional goals?

First you read case studies about how real people use their PSAs© to accomplish their goals.  Names and other identifying data and a few percentage points on scores have been changed to protect confidentiality.

1.   Click here for your  Plan My Life Worksheet©. To print it out and use it to plan your best life.

2.  To read how real people use their PSAs© to reach a goal: On the Home Page click “Case Studies”   Read as many as you want.  Print out any case study that you want to save.


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