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Personality Strengths Assessment

Use your PSA to reach your personal and professional goals.

Why Would I Want to Take a Personality Strengths Test?

We all have changes throughout life whether we want them or not. We graduate. Get a job. Have a work change. Meet new people. Date. Select a partner. Have children. Have a relationship change. Have challenges – some you see coming, some you don’t. People enter your life. Leave. It can hurt when people leave. You come to a fork in the road.   What should you do? Who will help you as you figure out what to do?

Some changes you want. Some you don’t want. When you get a change you don’t want it can hurt. Family members can help. Friends can help. Maybe the change affects them, too, Maybe it would help to talk to someone who can be there for you. A safe place to just be you. Get past what hurts. Make a plan to cope. Have someone care for you and support you while you get stronger.

As you get stronger this someone helps you see your personality strengths. And how to use them to get to your best self. Carry out your plans and keep on coping.

Objective tests can show you what your personality strengths are.  You see your (1) coping strategies, (2) temperament strengths, and (3) values.  It is a Personality Strengths Assessment (PSA)© – you can take it on this site. 

People who structure personality strengths have one goal:  To tell you what your unique personality strengths are.

Your PSA:  An MRI of of Your Personality Strengths

Your PSA© ranks your personality strengths 1-32 with 1 as the strongest and 32 as the weakest.  For instance you may learn that you are higher than 90% of people in the US in Dominance, 95% in Achievement and 30% in Nurturing.  You see where your other 29 fit in the US population. 

Why would I want to see case studies of how other people use their PSAs© to reach their goals?

As you see how other people successfully use their 32 personality strengths to reach their goals you may see what might work for you – in your personal and/or professional life.  Case studies with two people show how they use their personality strengths together.  You can print out all PSAs© and refer to them as you read a case study.