Find a New Life Partner

Let’s meet Caroline and Mark.

Caroline and Mark met at work.  He is VP of Sales, and she is the new sales rep.  She had worked when she was first married and then stayed home with the kids when they were little.  After the divorce she had to go back to work.  At first she was terrified to be working again after staying home for all of these years.  But she has courage.

This is her second day at work. Her manager and a lot of other reps are away from the office at a training session.  She is just supposed to make appointments for the next week for someone else to meet with potential clients.  But when she does the telephone needs assessment she connects so well with a business owner (Social Boldness 91%) that he says, “I want  to meet you today.  Can you be here at 3?”  She responds, “Of course, I can.  I am really looking forward to meeting you and learning more about your company.”  She has no idea what to say.  Her first sales training meeting is next week!

“YIKES!  What do I do now?”  She is at 80% in Ability to Ask for Help.    She marches right over to the VP of Sales office (Mark’s) to ask for his help.   His assistant tells her that he is in a meeting.  She is at 90% in Aggression.  She takes a deep breath and walks right into the meeting.   She says, “I am sorry to interrupt, Mr. Walker.  I am Caroline.  A business owner I cold called wants to see me at 3 today.  I don’t have my first sales training until next week.  I can do this, but have no idea what to say.   Will you please help me?”

He does.  He gives her the first sales training session right after his meeting.  He goes to the sales call with her.  He doesn’t say anything because he doesn’t need to.  The business owner calls back in a few days and says, “I’m in.  Caroline is the one who will be my contact with your office.”

Caroline is the best at cold calls that Mark has seen in a long time.  He is divorced, too.  He watches her a little while longer.   He realizes, “Good Grief – she is just dynamite!”  He asks her out.

What Caroline really wants to do is fundraising for a non-profit.   She wants to give back to society (Social Value 80%).  Although her daughter Adrian doesn’t know it, Mark has asked her to marry him.  He tells Caroline that when they marry she can change her career – and do fundraising for a nonprofit.  That is tempting.  She is thinking about it.

Adrian is used to how her mom helps her.  But what’s with this guy mom is dating?

Adrian really likes this guy at school – Tim.  Of course, she would never tell him.  Tim is new at school, and seems kind of shy.  She’s not an idiot – she knows that dating her has to be his idea.  How does she accomplish that?  Mark’s a guy – so maybe he can help.  She tells him what she wants and asks for his help.

He listens very carefully to her.  Asks what Tim likes to do.  Adrian thinks a minute.  “Well, he’s in the debate club.  Gave a practice debate to our class – actually he’s quite good.”  Mark asks, “What you think about debating?”  Adrian says, “It interests me.  I think I could be good at it, too.  Just have never done it.”  Mark comments, “You may have the answer to your own question.  Would you like to consider taking up debate?”  “I actually thought about it.  But mom doesn’t want me to go out of town on school trips, and they have debate tournaments in other cities.”

After you see Caroline’s and Mark’s personality strengths we will tell you what happens with Mark and Adrian.  What personality strengths do you see here that can help Caroline, Adrian, and Mark get along?

Print out the test results for Caroline and Mark so that you can look at the their test results as you read more about them.

Open the test results for Caroline and Mark.

Mark tells Adrian, “If you do take up debate and you and he still don’t date would doing debate still be worth it?” Mark wonders.  Adrian thinks for a minute.   “Definitely yes. I am really bored at school – I have got to find something to do.  Might as well be debate.”

Mark responds, “Ok.  Guys like to help gals learn things.  When someone joins the squad, the coach usually asks debaters to help the new person.  Tim may volunteer to do that.  Or someone else who is attractive might want to help you.  Guys like to feel important, and teaching you what they know is a great way to do that.  I was a high school debater – I can help you, too.  Help you get organized (Order 90%).  Then strategize your case with you (Achievement 80%).”

Mark takes a step forward, “And, I’ll go to bat for you with your mom about going to debate tournaments out of town.  By the way, I trace my success in sales back to having to get my act together and think on my feet when I am challenged (Economic Value 97%).  Debate taught me that. ”

Can I use my PSA© to consider a new life partner?


1.  If you haven’t already done so:  Print out Caroline’s and Mark’s PSAs©.  You can print out this case study, too.   Scan them and save them as a document in a folder named “Find a New Life Partner©.”  After you get your PSAs©:  Use them to help you understand how to use your PSAs© in your life.

2.  To order your PSA©, go back to the Home Page.  When you take your tests:  Think of yourself as you are when you are at your very best.


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You already learned a lot about how to use your PSA© to structure your new life by reading about Caroline and Mark.   You know a lot about your current situation.

You can do this!

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