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Can My Personality Strengths Assessment (PSA)© Help Me Get a Promotion?

Let’s meet Alicia.

One year ago today:  Alicia stood in front of her high school for the last time. She thinks, “I was very successful in high school. Got top grades.   Was Editor of the paper and yearbook.  I don’t have money for college, but I’ll get a job Later I will help my two brothers and two sisters go to college, too.  I can do this!”

Her high school counselor gives her personality strength tests.  She gets her Personality Strengths Assessment (PSA)©.  It tells her what she is really good at.  Her real strength is in examining all of her options and then selecting the most promising one (Theoretical Value at 99%).  Then she just works harder than most of us.   She is higher in Achievement  than 95% of us. With this combination people a lot smarter than she is won’t even begin to accomplish what she does.  She sells clothes in a department store 40 hours a week and goes to school part time.

One year later:  Alicia likes working retail.  She has is learning about fashion.  She is considering going into fashion design as a career.  At her one year evaluation with her supervisor Karen she mentions her interest in a fashion design.

Karen tells Alicia that she likes her work ethic, gives her a raise, and tells her that she is glad that she is considering fashion design.  She also encourages her also to consider majoring in business with a concentration in marketing.  That way Alicia’s success would not be tied to the fashion industry.   Alicia studies her Personality Strengths Assessment (PSA)© and weighs both careers – fashion design and business with a concentration in marketing.

As you study her Personality Strengths Assessment (PSA)© what do you think she should do?

Print out the Test Results for Alicia so that you can look at these Test Results while you read about her.

Open Test Results for Alicia.

Does Alicia Get a Promotion?

She takes college courses in fashion design, and business management and marketing.  Alicia tells her supervisor Karen that she is doing this.  Karen sees the wisdom in this.  Karen gives Alicia a promotion,  And she recommends her for management development.

Let’s meet Edward.

One year ago:  Edward had just graduated from high school and had no interest in going to college. His parents paid for him to get his PSA© to help him figure out what career to have.  Edward is a natural born leader – people just want to follow him (Dominance at 99% and Political Value at 99%).  They may follow him because they really like him.  When he was in high school people usually elected him to be president of the group he is in even when he didn’t particularly want to be in charge.

Since people are drawn to listen to him and follow him, they see a career for Edward in sales.  He agrees and thinks that would be fun.  He gets a job in sales.

Now it’s one year later:  At Edward’s one year evaluation he got a raise and a promotion.  His supervisor Walt sees that he is a natural born salesman.  He is recommending Edward for a sales training program for sales personnel who management watches for advancement.

Edward loves sales.  He wants a promotion.  And a larger territory.

As you read Edward’s PSA©, what would you advise Edward’s supervisor to do about giving him a larger territory?

Print out these Test Results for Edward so that you can read them as you learn more about Edward.

Open these Test Results for Edward.

Does Edward Get a Promotion?

Walt thinks about it a lot.  Then he goes to management and recommends that Edward be put in the list to take the management development program for sales personnel.  In the meantime  he will see if Edward stays with the company.  The company does not want to train him and then have him leave.  He tells Edward that.

Edward understands that.  He tells Walt that he has no plans to leave. Walt gives Edward a promotion.  When his name comes up on the list for the management development course, they can see how well Edward is doing then.

Can I Use My PSA© to Get a Promotion?


You already learned a lot about how a two people can use a PSA© by reading about Alicia and Edward.   You know a lot about your current situation.

1.  If you haven’t already done so:  Print out Alicia’s and Edward’s PSA© Test Results and this case study about how they use them to get a promotion.  Scan these and save it as a document in a folder named  “My PSA©  and My Career.”

2.  To order your PSA©:  Go back to the Home Page.   When you take your tests:  Think of yourself as you are when you are at your very best.

3.  After you get your PSAs©:  Use them to help you understand how to use your PSAs© to see how to use you’re your personality strengths to make your career all that it can be.

4.  The more you think about your strengths the more you will see how to make them work together…and you get to see how they build together for all of your life.

You can do this!

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