Returning Users

Welcome back to our web site!

To get back in to your records, you will need to log in to the site using the link below”

Click here to Login.

What happens after I click?

This link will take you to a WordPress login page where you enter the username and password combination that you created when you set up your records. After you are recognized by the system, it will take you to your Membership Page, where you will see links to the tests that you have elected to take. Selecting the test you are working on or are prepared to take will take you to a test server where you can continue a test that you left incomplete, or begin a new test in your series.

At the end of each test, be careful to look for the link that reads, “Instead click here to stay with us.”  This should be visible near the top of the page under the Header. Clicking that link will return you to our site where you can continue with the process.