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This is where you can sign up to take the tests that we offer, and for our consulting services to assist you in interpreting the test results to make the most productive use of them in your life.

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Membership Levels

Our site offers different levels of membership that represent the various options that are available. What this means is that you only select one button below to get everything that you want to purchase. For example, the most likely choice will be to take all three tests, because the battery of tests gives you the most comprehensive profile of your personality strengths. We offer the complete battery of tests only without our consulting services. This is for the convenience of persons who are already working with a coach or counselor, but need the test results to support their work.

Comprehensive Packages

The option offered below reflects this situation.  You should have your own coach/counselor and do not need additional consulting to interpret the results.

Selected Combinations of Items

All the other choices (shown on another page) represent different combinations of items that you might need. They are provided for the convenience of those who have special needs for one or more tests, but, for some reason, do not need them all. Remember that, in any case, you only want to select one button to acquire a membership that includes all the elements that you need!

Packages Available Now!

Comprehensive Packages

3 tests: Temperament (GZTS) / Coping (EPPS) / Values (AVL)
without Consultation – $150
This package is designed for users who are currently working with a coach or counselor who can provide interpretation of test results.