Planning for Marriage

Planning for a Happy MarriageGetting married is one of the most important decisions that a person will make in life. Marriage is a commitment to another person and to changes in your life that are profound and will affect every aspect of your life. If you are considering marriage, you have probably already picked the person that you hope to marry. Have you considered what your and your partner’s personality characteristics are and where these qualities will make your life together easier and where differences may lead to problems?

Personality testing can help to illuminate aspects of each partners personality that will contribute in different ways to the success of the marriage. Reviewing the results of your tests together with the guidance of an experienced counselor leads to discussions about how you plan together to handle different situations where your natural qualities can lead to conflict.

Take, for example, the trait of “dominance”, one of the characteristics tested for and examined in a personality test. Chances are that you already have some idea of which partner tends to be dominant in your relationship, but a test will highlight how strong that tendency is for each of you and can help you to anticipate that resolving differences might become quite difficult in your marriage. The test is objective, so it helps to avoid a situation where one partner accuses the other of being too “bossy” and always wanting his or her way. Imagine that one partner scores a 70 in dominance, while the other scores a 30. This tells you clearly that one partner finds it much more important to dominate a situation, and you can anticipate how differences of opinion or preference will be resolved.

Now imagine another couple where both partners score 80’s in dominance. You know immediately that their relationship will be different and differences in preferences will be a different situation from what the first couple will encounter.

What testing does for you is show you objectively what and where these traits are in your relationship so you can anticipate the ways that they will affect your relationship. Knowing the traits and knowing how relevant they are to each partner provides the basis for talking about situations that might arise in advance so that you can establish boundaries of how you want to deal with them to your mutual benefit.

How can Personality Testing help you?

We have examples in our Case Studies section illustrating how people have used Personality Testing to make better decisions about marriage, and to manage their relationships within marriage to form a better union and achieve a better life for themselves and their partners. Four of the cases might be of particular interest to you.

Select My Life PartnerMatt worked hard in college to be a success, but he he never learned to play.  Linda was smart, worked her way through college, and always managed to have a good time doing it.  Would they be a good couple?

Plan My Life with My Partner  How do you and your life partner plan your best life together?  See how Matt and Linda plan their life together – and what they have already done in just one year!

Strengthen Marriage– Bill and Betty have a good life together, but she wants to have a job and he doesn’t understand why. How can they work out their different needs?

Find a New Life Partner.  Caroline got that job she really wanted!  YAY!  It’s a challenge going to work after being at home for so long – but she’s been there two days now.  She did a cold call today and a guy wanted her to come by that afternoon!  She said, “I’ll be there!”  Almost everyone is at an out-of-town training meeting.  YIKES!  She needs help now!  The Vice President is in a meeting…she barges right past his assistant – what do you think happened next?

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