Select My Life Partner

Here we will illustrate how this process can be used to help select a life partner.

The first step is to complete the PSA worksheet/questionnaire. Click on the link to download a printable version of the document, or open it to review it on the screen.

In our example, Linda and Matt have already taken the tests and their results are used as a basis for the discussion. To see their results, click here for Linda and Matt test results.

Linda and Matt Can Use Their Personality Strengths to Help Each Other

Here are some examples of how Linda and Matt can use their personality strengths to help each other.   At 65% in Optimism Linda is cautiously optimistic when compared to Matt (at 95%).   This is a good balance. He gives her the best case scenario and she focuses on what revisions would help them get rid of the drawbacks that could diminish their positive results.

Matt is at 10% in Ability to Ask for Help.  Linda at 75% teaches him how to ask for help and make people feel important as he does that.  Let’s see how Matt’s and Linda’s PSAs© fit together and learn more about how they can help each other.

Below is a Chart that shows what Linda and Matt can do for each other.  Read 1-11.  Glance at the other 21 personality strengths.  What do you see?

For instance, look at Aesthetic Value, Endurance, Change, and Thoughtfulness/Reflectiveness.  Think about how Matt and Linda can help each other because of these personality strengths.  Fill in  “Observation” with what you think.

When you and your life partner get your PSAs© you can fill them in, too.

How do you want you and your life partner want to use your personality strengths to help each other? 

You can use your personality strengths to do that.  Make a chart like this and  then and figure out how.  Then write your thoughts in “Observations.”  Then talk about it.

After you and your life partner have selected each other:  Read Don’t You Dare Get Married Until You Read This! by Corey Donaldson.  Three Rivers Press, New York.

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