Planning for Life

Planing for your life creates a better lifeMaking plans for a better life can have many facets, depending upon what kind of situation one is thinking about and planning for.

We have devised a program that helps you to anticipate different situations that you might encounter  so that you can prepare for them in advance. Some of these situations can be described as follows:

Selecting a Life Partner

You are thinking about entering into a long term relationship and want some guidance on what your personal characteristics are that will contribute to the kind of life you want. What kinds of qualities might you seek in a partner, and what traits could lead to problems in your relationship?

Planning for Life with your Life Partner

You have selected your partner and now you want to take a look at how your characteristics and your partners’ match up. What traits do you both have that will fit well together and what might lead to conflicts in your relationship? How will you make adjustments to consider the qualities that your partner brings to your relationship so that you prevent them from becoming sore spots for you both?

Strengthening Your Marriage

You are now married and anticipating a happy life with your chosen partner. What can you do together that will make your relationship a positive experience that you both find rewarding and fulfilling?

Do We Need a Divorce?

Things are not going well in our marriage, but is it time to give up and move on, or should you make another effort to repair the relationship? Testing can provide insights to the sources of your problems that might help you to reach the right decision.

Adjusting to Divorce

Your marriage has not succeeded, and now you have to adjust to a new reality. What strengths do you have that will contribute to your success? What qualities are there in your makeup that will make the adjustment more difficult? How can you overcome your tendencies that will make adjustment more difficult?

Finding a New Partner after Divorce

Your divorce is final and now it is time to rebuild your life on a new foundation. You want another partner, but how do you proceed so as not to repeat the same mistakes again?

Adjusting to Being a Stepfamily

Your family situation has changed, and now you have new challenges to deal with in a new family structure that you did not plan for. Moreover, it has all arrived suddenly, and can be overwhelming. What qualities do you have that will help you to identify and deal with these challenges?

Planning for Retirement

Retirement is a “golden age” when your problems are over and you can finally relax and do all the things that you didn’t have time for when you were working. Or is it? Approaching your retirement with preparation and foresight can make a huge difference in how comfortable and happy your future years can be.

Adjusting to Retirement

You have made it to your retirement, and now you look around and find that the structure of your world has changed completely, and it is not quite what you had expected.


 All these situations present challenges, and personality testing, and the consultation that accompanies the completion of the test can provide you with powerful tools for making the best of the qualities that you bring to the situation.

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