Case Studies


In this section, we feature real life examples of how different individuals have used Personality Strengths Assessment testing to make positive changes in their lives. Each story is taken from real life experience, although we have changed name, a few percentage points,  and details to protect the privacy of our clients.

Our Case Studies include:

Professional Goals

Select a CareerAlicia was very successful in high school and wants to go to college.   She doesn’t have money for college.  What does she do?  Edward loved having fun in high school – and people really like him.  He doesn’t want to go to college.  What does he do?

Get a Promotion. Alicia and Edward have each been at their jobs for 1 year now.  Each one has been doing well.  Now each one wants a promotion.   They go back and look at their Personality Strengths Assessments (PSAs)©.  How do they intentionalty use their PSAs© to get a promotion?

Get a College Degree Alicia and Edward have each been at their jobs for 5 years now.  Alicia must declare a major.  What should she get a degree in?  Edward wonders, “Do I really HAVE to get a college degree?”

Negotiate a Job Offer. Headhunters have discovered Alicia and Edward.  They have some fabulous offers!  Do either of them want to leave a really good job?  Does the old company really value each of them?  What about each new company?  They look at their Personality Strengths Assessments (PSAs)© to help them decide what to do.

Should I Get a Second College Degree? Alicia and Edward are both doing well in their careers.  Headhunters are after them to take promising jobs with impressive Signing Bonuses.  Should they stay or go?  Or should they get a second degree and then decide where to continue their careers?

Get a Job after a Divorce. Rebecca just got a divorce and so did Grace.  Neither one have worked for a number of years.  Both need to work.  They can use their PSAs to strategize what to do now.  Would you like to see what they learn – and what they do?

Start or Buy  a Business Ted has a good job at a good company, and he is doing well.  So is his wife Lynn.  But he really wants to work for himself – either start a business or buy one.  How does he do that?  Can Lynn leave her job and help him do that or should she stay at her job while he leaves his job to own his own business?

Management Development Tom just bought a business.  The management and employees are stunned.  Tom gets his PSA.  The COOs gets his PSA.  How will they use their personality strength profiles (PSAs) to change the direction of the company?

Increase Profits to Sell Your Business  Ted and Lynn have dynamite products and outstanding customer service, are making money, have good employees, and have controls in place to stop embezzlement and loss.  Now what can they do to increase their profits?

Business Succession Planning  Ted and Lynn have made serious profits with their company.  They have made wise investments.  Will they sell their business to one or more of their children?  Or someone else?  How do they decide who to sell to?

Sell Your Business to Your Children. Ted and Lynn would like to see their children continue in the business they have built, but how will that work out for everyone?

Enjoy Retirement from Your Business. What do Ted and Lynn do in retirement?  When one plans well for retirement what does it look like?

Personal Goals

Plan My Life What do you want to do with your life?   Here’s a Worksheet to help you plan what you want to do.  Then you use your personality strengths to create the life you want.  Here you meet Matt and Linda who use their personality strengths to create the life they want.

Select My Life PartnerMatt worked hard in college and did well, but he he never learned to play.  Linda was smart, worked her way through college, and always managed to have a good time doing it.  Would they be a good couple?

Plan My Life with My Partner  How do you and your life partner plan your best life together?  See how Matt and Linda plan their life together – and what they have already done in just one year!

Strengthen Marriage Bill and Betty have a good life together, but she wants to have a job and he doesn’t understand why. How can they work out their different needs?

Ask “Do We Need a Divorce?” Bill’s and Betty’s marriage got better for a while.  And then the old issues came back.  We look at their personality strengths:  If they do A. the marriage gets better.  If they do B. the marriage gets worse.  Which will they choose?

Get a Litigated, Collaborative, or Cooperative Divorce You and your spouse have decided to divorce.   Rebecca and Edward got a Collaborative Divorce.  Mom and Dad got a Cooperative Divorce.  What kind of divorce will be best for you and your family?

Adjust to Divorce.    Alicia and Brad each use their PSAs© to study what did not work in their marriages.  Now each one knows what to do differently.  They are on their way!

Find a New Life Partner.  Caroline got that job she really wanted!  YAY!  It’s a challenge going to work after being at home for so long – but she’s been there two days now.  She did a cold call today and a guy wanted her to come by that afternoon!  She said, “I’ll be there!”  Almost everyone is at an out-of-town training meeting.  YIKES!  She needs help now!  The Vice President is in a meeting…she barges right past his assistant – what do you think happened next?

Adjust to Being in a Stepfamily.  Carl likes his stepmom ok – he just doesn’t know what to do with her.  What he learns from getting his PSA©, his dad’s, and his stepmom’s is how some of her personality strengths are Awesome!  “She can really help me!  Wow!”  Would you like to know what Carl learns?

Plan for RetirementLynn and Ted enjoy their business.  And they look to retire in 10 years.  Now is the time to get serious about planning for retirement.  What do they do?

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