What Tests Do We Offer?

We offer three well known and highly regarded tests, supplemented by our own worksheets to expand the scope of the effort and to deepen the understanding of your personality characteristics.

The tests are:

  • Edwards Personality Preference Schedule
  • Guilford Zimmerman Temperament Survey
  • AVL

The supplemental worksheets fall into three groups:

  • Basic PSA Worksheet©.  Use this to do an overall plan for your life.
  • Personal Goals Worksheets
  • Professional Goals Worksheets

The Personal and Professional Goals Worksheets are individually focused on different life situations that you may be addressing so that we can delve into the personality qualities that may be more specifically relevant to the situation you are dealing with. For example:

Personal Goals Worksheets

  1. Select My Life Partner©
  2. Plan My Life with My Life Partner©
  3. Strengthen  Our Marriage©
  4. Ask  “Do we need a divorce?” ©
  5. Adjust to Divorce©
  6. Find a New Life Partner after Divorce©
  7. Adjust to Being in a Stepfamily©
  8. Plan for Retirement©
  9. Adjust to Retirement©

Professional Goals Worksheets

  1. Select My Career©
  2. Evaluate My Career Progress to Get My Next Promotion©
  3. Consider a New Career©
  4. Consider Which College Degree to Get©
  5. Consider Which Second College Degree to Get©
  6. Consider Starting My Own Business©
  7. Consider Buying a Business©
  8. Consider Selling the Business and Retiring©

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