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Dr. Mary Anne Knolle, Ph.D, LMFT, LPC

Dr. Mary Anne Knolle, Ph.D, LMFT, LPC

Dr. Mary Anne Knolle is an Individual and marriage and family therapist who provides Personality Strengths Testing and Therapy to clients around the country (and because of the internet, the world) from her offices in Houston and Galveston, Texas.

You get a Personality Strengths Assessment (PSA) of 32 personality strengths. For example: Dominance is 85%ile, Achievement is 95%ile and Nurturing is 90%ile and 29 others. Then you and she strategize how to use them with any goal you select. Click on this link to see an explanation of the terms used on the PSA so you will have a better understanding of what it reveals about you and how you can make use of that information to improve your life.

She works with couples so that that each partner can accomplish individual goals and preserve the relationship. If a couple must divorce she refers them to attorneys who will get them a divorce in a cooperative and/or collaborative framework. She often works with Patricia Barrett at Lifetime Planning, LLC, a highly-skilled neutral certified financial planner who develops Options for attorneys to consider in making the best use of the family money to accomplish family goals.

She served on the Texas Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (TAMFT) Task Force which set the guidelines for parenting coordination in Texas. In a litigated divorce she serves as the parenting coordinator.

She has 4 university degrees – 2 in communication and 2 in psychology. Her Ph.D. is in psychology.  She believes that all of life is a laboratory, and we can learn from each experience when we ask the right questions and then are students of what we see.

She is a former Texas Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) Board member.  In 2008 and 2010 she gave papers there on how divorcing clients can use their parenting strengths. With permission from their clients attorneys and the financial planner can know clients’ parenting strengths as they do the parenting plan and financial settlement.

Our Website

Through this website, Dr Knolle offers access to three well established and highly regarded personality tests.

      • Guilford-Zimmerman Temperament Survey (GZTS), How does your unique combination of temperament strengths help you to reach whatever goal you set?  Are you serious or spontaneous?  How likely are you to initiate a conversation with someone you want to meet?  How optimistic are you?  Do you trust feelings or facts or each one about the same?  How agreeable or cooperative are you?  How likely are you to reflect on earlier decisions and then make midcourse corrections?  Are you traditional or non-traditional in how you view what it is best to do?  The GZTS gives you a hierarchy of how likely you are to lead with these temperaments – just like the EPPS tells you what coping strategies you reach for and the AVL/SOV tells you what values motivate you. 
      • Allport-Vernon Lindzey Values Questionnaire (AVL), The AVL is the fourth edition of the Study of Values (SOV).  The owner of the fourth edition wanted to honor Allport, Vernon and Lindzey, the people who wrote the first edition.  So when you research these tests to see how they have been used in different counties across the years google all four tests together.
      • Is using the scientific method of problem-solving really important to you?  How important is making money?  Or creating or supporting the arts?  Or making a contribution to society?  Or creating a framework where people live in harmony?  Establishing a legacy for others to carry out  in future generations?  Or creating a framework where the value is the greatest good for the greatest number of people?  What drives you because you are passionate about it?  What makes you feel really good about yourself?
      • Edwards Personal Preference Schedule (EPPS),  Once you select a goal how do you set about to accomplish that goal?  Each of us has a general idea of what strengths we go to – we are dominate so others follow us, we nurture people so they care for us, too, etc.  But the EPPS is much more efficient than that.  It spells out a hierarchy of your coping strategies.  When you really want that job what personality strengths do you show to the person who can give you that job?  When you really want that person to love you what personality strengths do you present to them to cause them to care for you? 

We want you to have an MRI of your personality strengths.  So we gave you the Personality Strenghts Assessment (PSA).   Then you decide what you want to do with what you learn.   The tests are available on-line, where the user can take the tests from their own computer. When completed, they are scored and the results forwarded to Dr Knolle.  She forwards your test results – and included tools to help you gain insight about how you will make a plan to set and accomplish your personal and professional goals. 

With your PSA as your MRI of your personality strengths:   You are first the student and then the architect of how you will intentionally apply your God-given personality strengths to do all that you decide to do in your life.

You have 21 case studies on this website of how real people have intentionally applied their personality strengths to reach their goals – and accomplished them.    As you learn from them you will get ideas as to how you can apply your personality strengths to accomplish your goals.

If you wish you can contact Dr. Knolle to set up consultations to brainstorm what you want to do.  Or you may have or select a counselor or coach in your  city that you take your PSA to for brainstorming and planning sessions.

Or you may be a counselor or coach who refers your client to this website to get a PSA and then do sessions together.  Certainly your friends and family will see, “Yes, that’s you!”

However you use the PSA – Always remember:  We believe that you are meant to reach your highest potential.  We wish you our very best in using your God-given personality strengths to create the happiest and most meaningful life for you and for those you love.

Share your success stories with us – we would love to hear them.

You can do this!

Best regards,

Dr. Mary Anne Knolle, Ph.D, LMFT, LPC

Dr Mary Anne Knolle, PhD, LMFT, LPC